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Retiree Spotlight – Local 158 Member, Steven Bromiley

What made you decide to be a carpenter?

Following in my father’s footsteps.


Do you have any fond memories from your time?

All the guys, the comradery of all the men. Not just the work. The guys out there, that’s what make it.


Any hopes or fears for your retirement?

Fishing and golf probably, that’s it, just relax.

Do you have any advice for the younger guys?

Just work hard, you have to just work hard, that’s the whole thing. Everybody’s always down on unions, saying “Oh, union gets it easy… they give you guys this and they give you that.” You don’t get anything out here unless you earn it, that’s what it’s about.


Is there any way that the union shaped you as a person?

Sure, made me a better person definitely. Before I got in, I didn’t get in until I was 24, I worked other jobs. And this was the way to go.


Do you ever regret it, was it worth it?

No, it was worth it 100%.