Helps cover your out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision expenses.

 It is an employer-paid contribution based on hours worked.

 These contributions can be accessed by the Participant as a tax-free reimbursement that can be used to cover any gaps in your health coverage, including premium and co-pay costs.

How to Access Your HRA Benefit

HRA Mastercard®

If you are an HRA-eligible Participant, you will receive two (2) new Carpenters HRA Payment Mastercards®, with new numbers, at your home address for your and your family to use.

HRA Member Portal

Check Your HRA Balance, File A Claim, And More! File a claim, view your account activity and check your HRA account balance on demand.

Default username will be:

Your first initial, followed by your last name and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

For example: Joe Wages SS# ends in 1234. His username would be “jwages1234“.

Default Password: “carpenters” (all lowercase)

You will be able to change your password after you log in.

EAS HRA App Icon

HRA Mobile App

Access Your HRA From Anywhere At Anytime

Set account alerts and notifications via text message. You can even take a picture of a receipt and upload it right from your phone.

Login credentials will be the same as the web portal.

Member Testimonial

Tell you what...really like having this card. I just paid a bunch of bills from doctor visits and didn't use any out of pocket money!

~ Steve - Local 251