The Carpenters Benefit Fund has partnered with MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper - one of the region's leading cancer centers. Our Preferred Provider Agreement with MD Anderson at Cooper ensures that you will have 24/7 access to MD Anderson at Cooper's cancer experts, a dedicated patient navigator, 24 hours service, expedited appointments, access to clinical trials, and a full range of supportive care service at NO COST to you!

$0 Coinsurance as long as you go to one of the many MD Anderson at Cooper locations for cancer treatment and follow ups, the copay will be waived.


MD Anderson at Cooper provides access to integrative oncology services and complementary medicine therapies. These programs focus on a return to wellness by strengthening the body through exercise and nutrition, and empowering the mind to manage stress and anxiety.

From social workers to support groups to setting up one-on-one connections between cancer patients and survivors, MD Anderson at Cooper's programs help patients and caregivers through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

MD Anderson at Cooper helps patients and caregivers understand and manage their diagnosis and treatment through comprehensive patient education including access to printed materials, online resources, webinars, and on-to-one learning and support.


Submit them to your HRA for reimbursement.