Independence Administrators (IA) are the Fund's major medical insurance provider for doctors, hospitals, and specialists. When Participants visit providers who are in-network with Independence Administrators, the Fund pays the coinsurance percentage (Gold Level 90%, Silver Level 70%) of the total IA allowance, leaving the Participant responsible for the their coinsurance portion (Gold Level 10%, Silver Level 30%).  Participants are responsible for the coinsurance until they have met their out-of-pocket maximum (OOP). Once an individual or family has reached their OOP Max, the Plan will pay 100% for all further In-Network claims for the duration of the Plan Year (April 1 through March 31).



Personal Choice Coinsurance Coverage Levels


90/10 Coinsurance
  • Active Eligibility - 600 or 1200 hours
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximums $1,000 / $2,000
  • Cigna Dental
  • Davis Vision


70/30 Coinsurance
  • Active Eligibility 450 or 900 Hours
  • Out of Pocket Maximums $2,000 / $4,000
  • No Dental Coverage
  • No Vision Coverage


90/10 Coinsurance
  • Retire with Gold Level based on Credit System
  • 1 Gold Eligibility Period = 0.50 Credit
  • 1 Silver Eligibility Period = 0.25
  • Maximum of 1 Credit in a Plan Year

Prescription Coverage is the same for both Gold and Silver Levels

New IA Gold Card

Major Medical Insurance Card

Use this card when visiting any in-network doctor, hospital, specialist. If you need a replacement card please call 1-833-242-3330.

Addtional Benefits Covered Through Independence Administrators

Lab Work is covered 100% if processed through LabCorp. If processed through an in-network lab, doctor or hospital, it would be covered under your respective coinsurance coverage level (Gold Level 90/10, Silver Level 70/30).

Lean more about Lab Work coverage.

Show your Independence Administrators insurance card at any in-network chiropractor.

Learn more about the Chiropractic Treatment Benefit.

Use the Independence Administrators insurance card at any in-network acupuncture treatment facility.

Learn more about Acupuncture Treatment

Air Ambulance is covered through Independence Administrators.

Learn more about Ambulance Coverage


Submit them to your HRA for reimbursement.

Medical Coverage FAQs

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