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With a Cigna DPPO plan, you have access to a national PPO network with over 100,000 providers. You don't need to choose a primary dentist for care, and you don't need referrals to visit specialists. And since many dentists offer online appointment scheduling through myCigna, it's easy to make appointments and receive reminders.

Your dental coverage through Cigna Dental.

90/10 Coinsurance Plan

If you go to any Cigna network provider, you will only be responsible for 10% of the Cigna payment amount. Cigna will pay the remaining 90% up to the Annual Family Allowance.

Check-ups Covered 100%

All preventative 6-month cleanings and checkups are covered at 100%*

*counts against $2,500 annual allowance

$2500 Annual Family Allowance

There is a $2,500 Annual Family Allowance for all services (April 1 - March 31). Once the allowance is met, you will be responsible for 100% of all dental services for the remainder of the benefit year.

$3200 Lifetime Orthodontia

This dental plan also includes a separate lifetime orthodontia allowance of $3,200 per family member.

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EAS Cigna Card

Use this card when you go to the dentist

(The Member ID starts with a "U" - this IS NOT your UBC Number)


You can now use your HRA Card right at the point of sale! Submit any additional receipts to your HRA for reimbursement.

Cigna Dental FAQs