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Creating a budget that works for your life can help control your spending and allow you to save more money for retirement.


Keep track of what you spend out of pocket each day. Record everything, including purchases that cost only a few dollars. There are apps you can download to your smartphone and online budgeting tools you can use to make this task easier.


Add up what you spend each month on food, housing, transportation, clothing, health care, etc. Also figure out the monthly savings needed to pay bills that come only once or twice a year, such as insurance and property taxes.


Once you see exactly where you’re spending your money, you can look for areas where you can cut back. Spur-of-the-moment purchases are a good place to make cuts. And if you pay a lot for auto and homeowners insurance or wireless services, shop around for more affordable alternatives.


After you have your spending under control, you can start saving more for retirement. Simply increase the amount you contribute to any retirement plans or savings accounts you may have. Over time, even a small boost can make a big difference in the amount you’ll have available when you retire.



By making a larger credit card payment each month, you’ll pay off your balance a lot faster, reduce the amount you spend on interest, and have more money available to save for retirement. For example, compare the results of paying off an initial $5,000 balance at $100 per month with paying the same initial balance off at $250 per month.

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