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Family Fun: Ice Cream in a Bag

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Science experiments for kids give them a chance to explore the world around them in a variety of ways, and also helps them develop in other areas of learning such as social-emotional, math, and literacy. The first month of summer is the perfect opportunity to add a simple science experiment into your kids day.

5 Minute Ice Cream


~ Milk
~ Vanilla
~ Ice Cubes
~ Large (gallon or 4 L size) and small (sandwich size) resealable plastic bags
~ Sugar
~ Measuring cups and spoons
~ Salt
~ Spoons
~ Cups or bowls

What To Do:

1. Set out all the ingredients and measuring supplies on a large table.
2. Give each child a small and large bag.
3. Tell the children to put ½ cup (125 ml) milk, 1 tablespoon (15 ml) sugar, and ¼ teaspoon (1ml) vanilla into the small bag. You may need to help the younger children with the measurements.
4. The children then seal their bags and shake gently or gently squeeze them to combine the ingredients.
5. Have the children place their sealed bags into the larger bags and add ice cubes (about one dozen) and six tablespoons (90 ml) of salt to the area around it in the large bag.
6. After carefully sealing the large bag, children should shake it for five minutes or until ice cream hardens.
7. When the ice cream is ready to eat, have the children pour it into bowls or cups.