Thinking of Retiring?


If so, you need to contact the Pension Department at least 6 weeks (preferably 8 weeks) prior to your target Retirement Date, for a Retirement Application/Appointment. Call 215-568-0430 to schedule an appointment today!

For example: Thinking of retiring October 1st? Contact the Pension Department in August to schedule your appointment prior to September 15th.

In addition, it’s helpful to consult with a certified financial advisor/retirement planner prior to your Retirement Appointment to discuss your personal financial outlook and needs in Retirement. Most financial advisors do not charge a consultation fee and can help with an investment strategy, insurance needs, tax questions and estate planning.

To review your accrued Pension Credits, a Participant can request a Pension Statement once a year from the Pension Department by clicking the button below.


[zozo_button url=”” style=”default” size=”default” color=”” hover_color=”” bg_color=”” bg_hover_color=”” border_width=”” border_color=”” border_hover_color=”” icon=”” icon_pos=”left” extra_class=”” animation_type=”none” animation_delay=”500″ target=”_self”]Request a Pension Statement[/zozo_button]