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Savings Plan Record Keeper Name Change

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Savings Plan Record Keeper Name Change to Newport Group

In March, Newport Group announced that it was acquiring the Vested Interest® defined contribution plan record-keeping business from PNC Bank.

Please note that other than the Record Keeper name change, nothing has changed in terms of your Carpenters’ Savings Plan Benefit.

How to Access Your Savings Plan Account:
For your initial login to both the website and the Vested Interest Response Line (VRU), your Social Security number without dashes will be the User ID. Your birth date will be the Password for the web site and your PIN for the VRU in the form of MMDD.

Vested Interest Response Line access: 1-800-374-4631

Website access:

Retirement Directions Mobile Application

You can now access Savings Plan Account information anytime, anywhere!


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