If you are an Active Participant and are eligible for an Early Retirement Pension benefit when you retire and your retirement date is prior to your 62nd birthday, you will be entitled to a Supplemental Payment in addition to your Early Retirement Pension benefit.

The Supplemental Payment will be based on your Accrued Monthly Pension as of the date indicated in the chart below, depending on how much service you have at retirement and also depending on whether your service was in consecutive years prior to termination. See the “Supplemental Benefit Eligibility and Amount” description below for further details.

Supplemental Benefit Eligibility and Amount Description Chart

Supplemental Benefit Eligibility

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Years of ServiceSupplement Based on Benefit Accrued Through:Reduce for Early Retirement
25-29Retirement - Consecutive (4/30/10 - Not Consecutive)Yes
<10N/A (No Supplement)N/A (No Supplement)
When do the Supplemental Payments Stop?
  • The month following a retiree’s 62nd birthday.
  • Recipient returned to covered employment within the industry and works over the allowed 40 hours a month absent a waiver.
  • Recipient is granted a Social Security Disability award. 
  • Recipient attempted to perpetrate a fraud upon the Fund.
  • Recipient has passed away.