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Important Participant Notice Related to Impact of the Coronavirus

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Dear Participant:

The Trustees of the Carpenters Health and Welfare Plan have amended the Plan to help the participants during this unexpected time.  At the bottom of this post you will find the Summary of Material Modification (SMM) from the Carpenters Health and Welfare Plan that describe the changes in detail.  Below is a quick summary:

Health and Welfare

  • The Health and Welfare Fund will pay 100% for all in-network coverage for all Coronavirus testing and treatment.
  • Quarterly vacation benefit will be paid in April 2020 instead of May 2020.
  • For any participant who is on the Disability Benefit or Supplemental Workers Compensation Benefit, the 30-day return to work provision has been temporarily waived.
  • If a participant does not qualify for Regular Eligibility, they will be allowed to use consecutive Vesting Benefit periods.
  • If a participant qualified for the May 2020 Eligibility Period, their coverage will at least continue until October 31, 2020 regardless of their work status.

The Fund Office and Board of Trustees understand that this is a difficult time and will continue to monitor your Benefits and look to make any additional changes as needed.  The Trustees are actively looking at the November 2020 Benefit Period and will communicate any changes they decide. In the meantime, please take all possible precautionary measures recommended by the CDC to protect yourself and family. If you have any questions regarding the  SMM’s, please contact the Fund Office at 215-568-0430.

Pete Tonia

Executive Fund Director


Health & Welfare SMM