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  1. Coordination of Benefits Form (COB) — It goes out every year in March and must be returned to the Fund Office by April 1st. Missing or incomplete forms may result in delayed Vacation payments. If you have not completed your 2019 COB, please click here to submit online.
  2. Dependent Care Election — If you elected your Vacation payments as a tax-free Dependent Care FSA for 2019, you will need to submit the Dependent Care Reimbursement Form along with a statement from the daycare provider and their employer tax identification printed on it. If your daycare provider is not a registered daycare facility, such as a family member or friend, they must complete the affidavit portion of the Dependent Care Reimbursement Form and include their social security number on the space provided.

    Click here to submit your Dependent Care Reimbursement Form online.

    Note: If you estimated for 2019 Dependent Care expenses and have not yet received payment, make sure to submit a claim form with all receipts for reimbursement by
    February 1, 2020, or this money will be forfeited.

  3. No Direct Deposit Information on File — All payments are electronic. If no direct deposit information has been provided to the Fund Office, an account was created for you at the Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union, please call (973)-263-0001 and let them know you are a Participant with the Benefit Funds of Philadelphia looking for your Vacation Money.

    Click here to update your Direct Deposit info online.